Ziprecruiter Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024 to 2030

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Get to know about ZipRecruiter stock forecast from 2023 to 2030 by reading the below guide. We will help to predict the future value of ZipRecruiter stock after analyzing its past performance and future trends. If you are looking to invest in profitable stocks that can provide you with good returns then according to our prediction ZipRecruiter can be a profitable investment option. As of March 2023, ZipRecruiter is equivalent to 0.465 AUD. According to our technical analysis, a long-term increase in Ziprecruiter stock price is expected and its share price will reach to 24.802 AUD by June 2027. With the five-year-long investment, you can earn a revenue of +932.76%. In other words, if you invest $100 today in Ziprecruiter then your return on investment in 2028 will be around $1032.76.

What Is ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a popular job site that mainly helps to match the right people with the right business and lets people know about open job roles. The artificial intelligence mechanism of the company reaches out to particular job candidates and also searches for suitable job seekers, and help them apply for open job position as soon as the vacancy goes live. ZipRecruiter is one of the biggest job seekers sites in the world, with a plethora of opportunities for businesses to find the right applicants and also help companies to recruit good candidates. The customizable templates of ZipRecruiter help companies to post their open position that will be sent to more than 100 job sites. The AI technology of the company scans several resumes based on the education, experience, and skill of candidates and enables them to apply for the position. The potential candidates will be appearing on their dashboard so that they can sort and recruit deserving applicants.

ZipRecruiter Stock Price Prediction 2023 to 2030

Considering the average yearly growth rate and progress of Ziprecruiter Inc. stock over the course of the last ten years it can be projected that the stock forecast of the company in the initial months of the next year will be around $ 14.25. Long-term ZipRecruiter stock price prediction from 2023 to 2030 is mentioned in the below table

Price target Year
$14.25 2024
$13.24 2026
$12.76 2027
$12.30 2028
$11.85 2029
$11.42 2030

Before jumping straight into Ziprecruiter stock prediction and target price it is important to look at the background of the company so that investors can gain insights into how the company is performing and whether it will be profitable to invest in Ziprecruiter Inc. stock or not.

ZipRecruiter Investor Relations

ZipRecruiter is a startup company based in LA that enables job seekers to get the best job openings and help employers to post their job position and get candidates matching their interest and skills. The company has raised around $156 million in a series B funding round at a valuation of $ 1 billion. Wellington management company let out the latest round of funding as well as other anonymous existing investors and returning investor IVP. By maintaining good investor relationships recruiter has successfully raised an amount of $ 219 million along with its earlier round of funding accounting for $ 63 million by IVP in the year 2014. According to the CEO and co-founder of Ziprecruiter Ian Siegel around 1,00,000 businesses and 10 million job seekers are using the platform of Ziprecruiter to fulfill their requirements. IVP and Wellington management company are a strong set of investors for ZipRecruiter who helped the company in leveraging artificial intelligence in order to revolutionize the way how candidates get hired and how employers hire candidates. 

ZipRecruiter Stock Forecast 2023

The stock forecast for ZipRecruiter for 2023 predicts an average price of $ 11.11 but in the case of a bearish market the lowest forecast is $11.07 and the highest forecast would be $11.17. This average stock forecast ZipRecruiter is representing a decrease of -31.2% from its last year’s stock price. Ziprecruiter Inc. stock as of 21st March 2023 was of $15.57. The stock price is showing an upward rise of 6.79% from its earlier closing price of $14.58. In the previous market session, it has been found that ZipRecruiter was trading at a price range of $14.39 to $14.79. In recent times there are approximately 108.54 million Ziprecruiter Inc. stock shares available for purchase.

ZipRecruiter Stock Forecast 2024

Market analysts predicted that the share price of ZipRecruiter will reach to an average figure of $14.25 by 2024. The average price prediction of ZipRecruiter predicts a potential upward trend of 57.31% from its present share price. The maximum trading price of ZipRecruiter stock will be around $23.25. Although ZipRecruiter stock forecast will be seeing an upward trend in 2024, the year 2025 may not be a profitable year for ZipRecruiter since market analysts are assuming that the shares will fall down to a price of $13.73 which signals a bearish market trend. The stock prediction for 2025 shows a decrease of – 7.09% in ZipRecruiter Inc stock price.   

Ziprecruiter Stock Price Prediction 2028

ZipRecruiter average price prediction for 2028 is supposed to be $12.30. The lowest price forecast in the case of a bearish market in 2028 is supposed to be of $11.73 whereas the highest forecast should be $13.68 respectively in case of a good economic situation and if ZipRecruiter is able to attract more investors. In the first quarter, ZipRecruiter stock forecast is assumed to be in the range of $11.73 to $ 12.59. In the next quarter, the price range will reach high up to $ 12.972 to $ 13.41 respectively. By the third quarter, the prices will be around $ 13.47 to $ 13.59. By December 2028 the price target will reach to $ 13.68 which represents a change of + 0.95% from last year’s stock price.

Ziprecruiter Stock Price Prediction 2030

The Ziprecruiter stock price prediction in the year 2030 will reach to an average figure of $ 11.42 if the company can maintain its present 10-year average growth rate. If ZipRecruiter stock prediction materializes for the year 2030 then this stock will grow at a decrease of – 22.71% from its present stock price. The maximum trading price of ZipRecruiter in 2030 will be around $12.99. In the first quarter of 2030, the price will be in the range of $12.98 – $ 12.90. In the second quarter, the price will rise from $12.92 to $12.98. By the third quarter, Ziprecruiter’s price forecast is expected to come down from $12.91 to $ 12.86. By December 2030 price target of ZipRecruiter 2030 will be around $12.73.


Is ZipRecruiter Publicly Traded?

Yes, ZipRecruiter which is an online employment marketplace is publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange and is taking its business model to the next level.

Is ZipRecruiter A Good Stock to Buy?

Based on our forecast system it can be predicted that Ziprecruiter Inc. stock forecast is a good stock for purchase. This is because the prices of the stock will be increasing in the next year by 196.61 %.

What is ZipRecruiter Revenue?

The revenue of ZipRecruiter is $904649000 in 2023. It is forecasted that ZIP will generate around $122,981,451,969 in revenue in the year 2024. In 2023 the highest revenue forecast of ZIP will reach $107,454,800,824.


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