Zinnwald Lithium Share Price Prediction 2025 to 2030

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Looking for a Zinnwald Lithium share price forecast to make an informed investment decision? Then read the below post to gain insights about whether this company will be the right choice for your investment portfolio or not. Every investor will peek at how the company is performing and how much it is expected to grow in the upcoming years before investing. So we have analyzed the share price of Zinnwald Lithium stock after a thorough technical analysis and have compiled the share price between 2023 to 2030 in this guide.

You can check Zinnwald Lithium share price for upcoming years from the following table

Year Price Target
2023 $10.91
2024 $11.99
2025 $14.05
2026 $14.85
2027 $14.61
2028 $14.34
2029 $8.45
2030 $7.99

Zinnwald Lithium Annual Report

Zinnwald Lithium produces many Lithium products for the rapidly evolving energy storage and EV markets of Europe. This company generally explores lead, copper, zinc, silver, lithium, and gold deposits. The flagship project of this company is Zinnwald lithium project which covers a total area of around 256.5 hectares and is situated in the southeast of Germany. Zinnwald Lithium is a Lithium development and mineral exploration company based in Germany which has been founded in 2012. The earning result of the company was reported on 30th June 2022. The half-yearly reported a net loss of the company was EUR 1.45 million compared to a net loss of EUR 0.935488m the last year. The basic loss per share resulting from continuing company operation was EUR 0.0049 compared to a loss per share of EUR 0.0044 the previous year.

Zinnwald Lithium Revenue

Zinnwald lithium company, as of June 2022, was completely debt free and had cash of €6.0m. It had a cash runaway of twenty-one months, starting from June 2022. The company has not recorded any revenue for 2022 and this indicates that it is in the infant stage and is still developing its business operation. There isn’t any sales figure that can help to understand the company’s growth. The cash burn over past years increased by 85%, and this rise is intending the growth of the company.

Zinnwald Lithium Market Cap

Zinnwald lithium has been listed on the London Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization of around £24m. The company is trading with the ZWD ticker code, and the total number of shares in issue is 293 million. Over the last few years, Zinnwald lithium share price has been trading at a range of $7.85, the lowest trading price was $6.55 while the maximum trading price reached $14.4. In the year 2022 Zinnwald lithium’s market capitalization was around €26m while the company’s cash burn was around €3.4m  annually. This figure is approximately 13% of the total market value of Zinnwald lithium.

Zinnwald Lithium Investor Relations

Anton du Plessis, the CEO of the lithium development company, Zinnwald lithium, decided to offer a live investor presentation about its plans to expand the German-focused lithium company and advance its Zinnwald lithium project in Germany through the investor meet company platform on 15 September 2022. The company follows an active investor relation policy to fulfill its purpose of offering timely, effective, and quality communication with its investors. Around 40% of the ownership of the company belongs to individual investors, while the institution holds 33% ownership. Henry Maxey is the company’s largest shareholder and holds around 50% of outstanding shares. The second shareholders hold 8.7%, while the third largest holds 4.1% of outstanding shares, respectively. The top 13 shareholders own 51% of the company, and no particular shareholder has significant control over the firm.

Zinnwald Lithium Share Price Prediction 2023 to 2024

The average stock forecast of Zinnwald lithium PLC company was $10.16, while the lowest forecast, according to our technical analysis, is predicted to be around $8.74. In the case of a bearish market, the highest stock forecast will reach $10.91. This average zinnwald lithium stock forecast constitutes an increase of +22.35% compared to the last year’s stock price. Market analysts predict that the price forecast of Zinnwald Lithium between April to August will be $8.74-$10.91. From September to December, the price forecast will vary between $10.80 to $9.86, respectively.

 Zinnwald Lithium stock forecast for the year 2024, given by market analysts and experts, says that the highest stock forecast will reach a figure of $11.99; however, in a bearish market, the lowest forecast will reach $9.81. The stock will be trading at an average forecast of $11.28. This average price forecast of Zinnwald lithium stock constitutes an increase of +72.92% from last year’s stock price. Our technical analysis predicts that the Zinnwald lithium stock forecast in the first quarter of 2024 will vary between $9.81 to $11.03. From May to August, the price will be $11.31-$11.74, respectively. From Sept to Nov price, the forecast will be $11.74 to $11.94. It is predicted that by December 2024, Zinnwald Lithium stock price will be $11.99.

Zinnwald Lithium Share Price Prediction 2025

After considering several factors, market analysts and crypto experts have predicted that the zinnwald lithium stock forecast in the first quarter of 2025 will be $12.06 -$12.38, respectively. In the next quarter, the price will reach a figure of $12.57-$13.72 respectively. For the third quarter of 2025 price forecast will be between $13.72 – $14.01. By December 2025, technical analysts predict the stock forecast will reach $14.05. The average stock forecast for the full year will be $13.09. The lowest forecast will reach a figure of $12.06, and the maximum trading price of this stock will be $14.05, respectively. This average trading price of the stock Represents an increase of +57.77% from last year’s.

Zinnwald Lithium Share Price Forecast 2028

According to our forecast system, zinnwald lithium’s share price for the year 2028 will be hitting an average of $11.79, whereas if the market turns bullish, then the highest forecast of this company will reach $14.34. In case of a worse economic situation, the lowest forecast is predicted to be around $8.73. This average stock forecast represents an increase of 42.05% from last year’s stock price. It is predicted that Zinnwald Lithium in the first quarter will be $34-$13.81, respectively. The second quarter will see a downward trend for Zinnwald Lithium stock as the price is estimated to fall from $13.22 To $12.81, which signifies a bearish market trend. In the third quarter, the price will vary between $11.91-$10.29. Our technical analysts predict that by December 2028, Zinnwald Lithium stock forecast will reach $8.73.

Zinnwald Lithium Stock Forecast 2030

The average price forecast of Zinnwald Lithium stock in 2030 will be $7.09. The lowest forecast is predicted to be around $6.55, whereas the maximum trading price will reach $7.99 this year. This average trading forecast represents a decrease of -14.54% from its last year’s stock price. In the first quarter, the price will vary between $6.69 to $ 6.55. In the next quarter, the price’ forecast will differ between $6.55 to $6.80. Our technical analysis predicts that in the third quarter, Zinnwald stock’s price target will vary between $7.01-$7.50. By December 2030, the stock’s price target will rise to $ 7.70.


Is Zinnwald Lithium a Good Investment?

Yes, Zinnwald Lithium is a good investment choice for traders as there will be a significant increase in its stock, as per market analysts. However, sharing prices are volatile, so you must be careful before investing.


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