Zensurance Review 2023: Features, Types and Benefits

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This guide will cover Zensurance Review 2023: Features, Types and Benefits, that would help Canadian independent professionals and Business owners to know whether they should go for affordable business insurance policies or not. The guide will cover everything you need about this company, the benefits of choosing Zensurance brokers, and the customer reviews.

Who Owns Zensurance?

Zensurance is a digital commercial insurance brokerage that serves small businesses, self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, and contractors. The company has multiple business insurance policies to cover liabilities for any industry. It has over 50 partnerships with premier Canadian insurance providers to help independent professionals and business owners. The founder and CEO of Zensurance are Danish Yusuf.

Zensurance Car Insurance

Employees, self-employed contractors, and small business owners using private vehicles for working in Atlantic Canada can save 35% on fleet vehicles or commercial auto insurance protection through Zensurance. A private passenger vehicle insurance policy is not designed to cover all losses or damages caused to the vehicle that is used for business or commercial purposes; however, with a commercial auto policy, a similar type of coverage will be provided to vehicle owners like private passenger policy that features high coverage limits and are used for business purposes like trucks, trailers, SUVs, cars, vans, etc. Business owners with five or more cars can benefit from using commercial fleet vehicles and help from Zensurance Car insurance brokers. Zensurance licensed brokers will help you to get trusted advice and adequate coverage to suit your individual needs

Zensurance Customer Reviews

Zensurance is a trusted online insurance brokerage that is used mainly by small to medium business enterprises.  Zensurance service cost approximately $650 annually on a 2 million insurance policy which is reasonable coverage for small to large-sized businesses having more than five employees. This digital insurance brokerage has been operating for more than seven years and has recently become popular among customers in Canada because of its low cost. The company provides competitive rates on different insurance coverage, including property damage liability and cyber liability. This has made the company receive good reviews and ratings online and earned a massive customer base. Zensurance Reviews look optimistic according to Google reviews.

Zensurance Insurance Type

There is a wide range of insurance coverage that you can get from Zensurance. The licensed brokers of Zensurance can help any professional or business owner to get a comprehensive and customized insurance policy. Some of the common business insurance coverage that you can expect from the company are as follows

  • Business interruption insurance
  • Builders risk insurance
  • Commercial crime insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Commercial property insurance is also referred to as business contents insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Equipment breakdown insurance
  • Directors and officers insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Medical malpractice insurance
  • Equipment and tool insurance
  • Legal expense insurance
  • Professional liability insurance, which is also called error and omission insurance
  • Product liability insurance

The type of insurance coverage that you need to form for a comprehensive policy, the deductibles that you can choose, and the coverage limits that you require can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing so the licensed brokers of Zensurance can help you to know your needs.

Zensurance Insurance Services

Zensurance insurance services cost between $2,000,000 – to $10,000,000 and provide for claims between zero to five employees. Its services are affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. The company offers home and auto insurance for different types of industries. However the insurance coverage is not limited to healthcare providers, businesses, military members with their families, travelers to the United States, etc. Some notable benefits of Zensurance services are convenient coverage, low-cost service options, the convenience of flexibility in payment plans as well as health insurance.

The company provides a wide spectrum of insurance packages to fit any lifestyle or budget needs of its customers. The company also provides insurance coverage for employees, such as paternity, quality of life, value, diversity program, accessibility to the workplace via private cars and public transportation with discounted rates, etc. The brokers are licensed and trained by self-regulatory industry bodies in every province across Canada. The brokers of Zensurance understand that insurance policies have jargon and may not be understood by all. Hence, they explain in simple English about the insurance coverage and the details of the policies to mitigate all the risks and help you take a quick insurance policy.

Zensurance Travelers Insurance

One of the largest insurance companies based in America, known as Travelers, has acquired a major stake in Zensurance a Canadian fintech startup company. According to documents by BetaKit, the American insurance company has purchased around 60% of outstanding and issued shares of Zensurance through a wholly owned subsidiary, leaving the founder and CEO of Zensurance, Danish Yusuf and Sultan Mehrabi the CTO of the company with only a third of the total ownership in Zensurance. Sources have also revealed that the Travelers company paid around $12,250,000 to seal this deal. Zensurance is operating its business independently of the American insurance company. The company is continuing to work with many other companies and is looking forward to binding insurance contracts securely in real-time through its platform instead of heavily relying on the insurance companies to transact the process.

Zensurance Revenue

The annual revenue of Zensurance brokers accounts for $8067000. The revenue per Zensurance employee is $70148. The revenue growth annually since its founding is $ 1344500. The revenue growth rate from the first to the present quarter is around 34.4%.


Zensurance online digital brokerage has transformed the business insurance landscape for home-based businesses, small business entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and contractors and enabled them to get a transparent, quick, and straightforward insurance buying procedure. If you are a small entrepreneur, business owner, self-employed professional, or contractor in Canada, then you can check out different Zensurance services to fulfill your business insurance requirements


Is Zensurance Legit?

Yes, Zensurance is legit. The insurance company was founded in the year 2016. It has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google reviews. It provides a transparent and straightforward insurance buying process.

Is Zensurance Legitimate?

Zensurance is a licensed and legitimate business insurance brokerage that is based in Toronto. It has a solid customer base including Canadian small entrepreneurs and business owners.


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