What is Autotrender Software-Review, Use, Charges & Features?

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Should you subscribe Autotrendor for intraday options trading? 

If you are trading in options, especially intraday options then you have to read this article carefully it can change your life.

As we see in COVID time lots of people open their Demat accounts and do trading in stock as well as derivatives but few people still remain in market.

Because they don’t have knowledge of investment and trading that’s why they face a huge loss.

In India, there are so many retail public who buy options and the incurred a loss due to lack of knowledge.

That’s why here comes Autotrendor in market, Autotrendor is dedicated software for intraday options trading, which is introduced by SMC global securities limited.

What is Autotrendor ?

Autotrendor is software for intraday options trading. Nowadays most of the retail public BUY OPTIONS.

Autotrendor is based on the option chain data and change in the open interest concept. They think when retail public was that time market falls and when retail public is bearish that time market goes up.

What are the features of Autotrendor?

  • Autotrendor is based on the option data basically on change in open interest.
  • Autotrendor is very beneficial for the retail public, especially Options buyers.
  • Autotrendor generates auto sell and buys signals on the basis of change in open interest.
  • Autotrendor compares call open interest and put open interest and generates the signal.
  • Autotrendor provides Nifty and bank nifty options data to trade in options on the basis of change in open interest.
  • Autotrendor provides sector analysis and shows which sector is strong or weak.
  • Autotrendor also generates signals for stocks to buy and sell in a live market.
  • Autotrendor automates your analysis with customized technical analysis.
  • Autotrendor gives you a piece of fast and Timely information.
  • Autotrendor improves your trading accuracy.
  • Autotrendor covers multiple indexes such as Nifty, Bank nifty, etc.

How to subscribe Autotrendor?

You can subscribe Autotrendor in various ways you can call SMC global securities and get a callback and the customer executive will guide you.

If you don’t have a Demat account with SMC global securities then, you have to go stoxcart website on Google and subscribe to Autotrendor.

Here are the subscription plans for Autotrendor,

Duration (month) Offer Price
3 5,999
6 8,499
12 11, 999


You can make payments using UPI, Debit card, credit card and pay later, etc.

How to use Autotrendor?

You have to log in to the SMC global website stoxcart using your e-mail address and password.

Then, you will see the window on the left-hand side of Nifty and Bank nifty when you will click on nifty and bank nifty data that time you will see the window like this,

This is Nifty intraday options data provided by Autotrendor. you can see here a difference between put and call if Autotrendor generates a sell signal then you will Buy the PUT option and when Autotrendor generates a Buy signal that time you will buy a Call option.

Advantages of SMC AUTOTRENDOR.

  • Autotrendor provides real-time data that, you can customize your technical analysis.
  • You can access multiple index data like Nifty and Bank nifty etc.
  • You can improve your trading accuracy.

Disadvantages of Autotrendor.

  • Something Autotrendor generates a falling signal and at that time you can make a loss.
  • Autotrader is not useful in sideways markets it is only useful in trending markets.
  • You can’t be a good options trader using Autotrendor.
  • It is not a very useful tool for option trading.
  • Your stop loss will hit again and again.
  • You will become lazy and you can’t make a profit in options trading.

“ Conclusion “

As we discussed Autotrendor and hence we conclude that, if you are using Autotrendor for options trading then you will not make money. Instead, you will lose money. It is just useful in the trending market if the market goes sideways then you will incur a loss so I will suggest you don’t use Autotrendor.

It is advisable to learn trading lessons and become a successful trader.

FAQ ( Frequently asked questions)

What is SMC auto trendor?

SMC Autotrendor is a dedicated software which is developed by SMC global securities for options trading which generates auto buy and sell signals on the basis of change in open interest.

Who developed SMC Autotrendor?

SMC global securities have developed Autotrendor.

Is Autotrendor free?

No, SMC Autotrendor is not free it’s paid software.

Is Autotrender useful?

Yes, Autotrendor is useful but only in the trending market, you can’t use it in a sideways market.


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