Wallbox Stock Forecast 2023, 2025 to 2030

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This post will help you to know about Wallbox stock forecast for 2023, 2025 to 2030, and will throw light on the financial performance of Wallbox company. If you’re planning to make a long-term investment in Wallbox stock, then read below to make an informed decision.

According to our stock forecast system, the value of Wallbox shares will rise by 5.54% and will reach a figure of $3.41 per share by 21st April 2023. As per technical indicators and forecast system, the present sentiment of WBX stock looks bearish, and the fear and greed index shows 39 which stands for Fear. Our Wallbox stock forecast indicates that it is a good time to invest in WBX stock since the stock is trading at 5.23% below our prediction.

 If the average stock price growth of Wallbox over the last 10 years tends to continue, then it can be predicted that by the following year, Wallbox will be trading at a value of $3.02 respectively. If you are looking for long-term Wallbox stock price prediction between 2023 to 2030, then this post will enable you to make a good investment choice.

About Wallbox

Wallbox company helps in manufacturing, designing, and distributing new and highly effective electric charging systems which can support eco-friendly and sustainable transport. The main objective is to promote sustainable transportation and provide practical, simple, and comprehensive solutions for electric charging issues that arise in electric vehicles. The company aims to help the electric vehicle industry to make a highly effective and attractive alternative to traditional transportation ways and emphasizes primarily electric vehicles.

Long-term Wallbox stock forecast for 2023, 2025 to 2030 can be gauged in the below table:

Price Target         Year
$3.02              2024
$2.65   2026
$2.48                2027
$2.32                2028
$2.18                2029

Wallbox Stock Forecast 2023

Market analysts give Wallbox share price forecasts by analyzing the company’s financial performance. The prediction states that Wallbox’s share price target in 2030 may reach $2.52. In the upcoming 12 months, there is a possibility, as believed by analysts and market enthusiasts that the share price target of Wallbox may increase if it sees a bearish market trend.

Wallbox Stock Forecast 2025

According to our forecast system, the Wallbox stock price prediction for the year 2025 is around $2.83, if Wallbox shares continue to grow at an average yearly rate and the shares perform in the same way as it is performed over 10 years. This price target represents an increase of – 12.34% in the Wallbox stock price from its last price.

Wallbox Stock Forecast 2030

The Wallbox stock in 2030 will reach a value of $2.04 if the current 10-year average growth rate continues. If Wallbox 2030 prediction materializes, then the share price will be $2.04 respectively. This stock price target represents an increase of – 36.92% from its last price.

Wallbox Revenue & Valuation

Wallbox aims to help reduce customer efforts in the overall purchasing procedure of PHEVs and EVs. The annual revenue of the Wallbox Charger is $41 million every year. The estimated revenue of the company for employees is around $38937. The current valuation of Wallbox, as reported in January 2022, was $2.2 B. The company has an employee of 1054 individuals, and the employee count rate grew by 61% last year. Wallbox has a net worth or market capitalization of $556.87 million, and the enterprise value of the company is around $628.53.

The company’s valuation will be higher if more investors realize the potential and capability of the company and invest in it. The market value of Wallbox is influenced by factors like market pessimism, the pandemic, investors’ confidence, etcetera. Wallbox expects that the company’s revenue will increase from $24 million, as reported in 2022, to $2.1 billion in 2027, and the annual compound growth rate will be around 90%. Many investors have not yet heard about Wallbox, which is why its share price is not witnessing a significant rise.

Chargepoint Stock Price Prediction 2030

Chargepoint stock prediction for 2030, given by market analysts and enthusiasts, suggests that the average trading price of Chargepoint stock will be around $16.32. The highest price forecast is estimated to be around $34.79 while the lowest rating price will be $16.08. This average Chargepoint stock price represents an increase of +87.11% from the last price of $8.72. Chargepoint proves to be one of the biggest EV charging networks worldwide, with around 163,000 ports across the globe. Chargepoint considers the performance of Wallbox company and makes good plans for the upcoming years.


If you’re a potential investor in Wallbox, then you need to take the performance of Wallbox company into consideration, like its financial stability, earnings, and revenue growth over the few years, to determine whether the company is performing well and is a worthwhile consideration for long-term investment. Wallbox has created a negative expected return over the last 90 days. The company is currently running at a loss, and this indicates the poor financial performance of the company and the high volatility of the stock.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Should I Buy Wallbox Stock?

Wallbox stock has received a consensus Buy rating. However, the price deterioration of Wallbox stock presents a substantial risk for investors, so you must consult financial advisors before investing in Wallbox stock.

Why Is Wallbox Stock Dropping?

Wallbox stock is dropping continuously because the company is in its early stage of development and is witnessing constant loss over the course of a few years, which has led to its deterioration in the share price.

Is Wallbox A Good Investment?

According to our Wallbox stock forecast, it is currently a good stock to buy as the price of Wallbox stock is predicted to increase in 2024 by around 86.44%. From a long-term perspective, Wallbox is holding negative signals and is showing a downward strength.


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