Tonix Pharmaceuticals Stock Prediction 2023, 2025 to 2030

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This post will throw light on Tonix Pharmaceuticals’ stock prediction for 2025 for investors who want to know whether Tonix pharmaceutical is a good investment choice for them or not.

With our prediction system, you will know about the tnxp stock forecast from 2023, 2025 to 2030 from the below table:

2023 $2.46
2024 $2.6
2025 $2.87
2026 $3.84
2027 $4.13
2029 $4.48
2030 $4.49

What Is Tonix Pharmaceuticals?

Tonix Pharmaceutical Holding Corporation is a popular clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm. The company focuses on making discoveries, developing/ acquiring small molecule licensing, helping to treat and prevent human diseases, and even lowering their suffering. Tonix Pharmaceutical’s portfolio comprises central nervous system immunology and other infectious disease product candidates. The immunology Tonix Pharmaceutical portfolio comprises biology for addressing autoimmune disease and organ transplant rejection. The central nervous system of Tonix Pharmaceutical’s portfolio comprises biologics and small molecules for treating neurology, pain, addiction, and psychiatric condition. Tonix’s portfolio for the infectious disease includes vaccination for prevention and the introduction of antiviral products for treating Covid-19. The infectious disease portfolio of Tonix Pharmaceutical also comprises vaccines to prevent monkey box and smallpox and are presently in the development stage.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Revenue

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corporation reported its financial results for the 3rd quarter and nine months that ended on 30th September 2022. The net loss of the company for the third quarter was USD 28.92 million compared to the reported net loss of USD 18.53 million in the last year. The loss per share as of 30th September 2022 accounted for USD 0.69 compared to a loss per share of USD 1.6 in 2021. The net loss for the nine months accounted for USD 78.54 million in 2022 compared to a net loss of USD 62.73 in 2021. The annual revenue of Tonix pharmaceutical was $5 million in 2021.

In 2022 R &D expenses of the company accounted for $81.9 million, while these expenses accounted for $68.8 in 2021. The increase in expenses resulted because of laboratory, employee, and facility-related reasons. The net loss in 2022 accounted for $116.9 million, and the per-share loss in 2022 was $3.27 for the whole year 2022. The basic, as well as diluted weighted average common share outstanding for 2022, was 35739057 whereas the average common share outstanding in 2021 was 11387308. The company expects to increase R&D expenses this year as more clinical development programs will be taking place and the company will be investing in the development pipeline.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Stock Prediction 2023

Tonix Pharmaceutical Holding Stock forecast given by market analysts suggests an average forecast of $2.17.  The maximum trading price of Tonix Pharmaceutical in 2023 will be $2.46, while in the case of a bearish market, the lowest forecast is predicted to be around $1.4. This average Tonix Pharmaceutical Holdings Stock Forecast for the year 2023 constituents an increase of 85.51% from the last year’s stock price. From this stock forecast market, analysts estimate that stock prediction for Tonix Pharmaceuticals in the first quarter will be in the range of $1.40 to $2.15. The price forecast in the second quarter will be in the range $2.32- $2.46. By December, the price forecast of the company will reach its maximum trading value of $2.46 for 2023.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Stock Prediction 2025

According to our forecast system, the tnxp stock forecast 2025 will reach its maximum trading price of $2.87 in 2025. The lowest forecast is predicated on being around $2.6, while the average prediction of this stock is nearly $2.77.  The estimated average holding stock for 2025 given by technical analysts represents an increase of 136.44% in price from the last year’s stock price. Expert analysts forecast that Tonix Pharmaceuticals’ stock prediction for 2025 in the first quarter will be $2.62 to $2.71. In the second quarter, the price forecast will be in the range of $2.74 to $2.82. December 2025, Tonix Pharmaceutical stock will reach its maximum value of $2.87 for 2025.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Stock Forecast 2030

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Stock prediction given by technical analysts for the year 2030 states that the average trading price will reach $4.49. The maximum trading price of this stock in case of a good economic situation will reach $4.49 however if the market turns bearish, then the lowest price forecast will be around $4.48. This average price prediction for 2030 represents a 283.87% increase in stock compared to its value last year. In the first quarter the price range for Tonix Pharmaceutical stock will differ between $4.48 to $4.49. The price target will remain static for the next months, and by December 2030 Tonix Pharmaceutical’s stock price will reach $4.49.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Fda Approval

Tonix Pharmaceutical company announced that FDA had cleared its application relating to an investigational new drug for developing a post-traumatic stress disorder drug named TNX-102 SL, which is an exclusive cyclobenzaprine HCl under-the-tongue formulation. Tonix pharmaceutical will advance its plan for the United States Phase 2 clinical trial. For assessing the efficacy and safety of TNX-102 SL among patients suffering from traumatic event-triggered mental diseases and illness. This study will be occurring in the third quarter of 2023, as announced by the company. The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase 2 clinical trial (TNX-CY-P201) will be evaluating the efficacy and safety of two doses of TNX-102 SL vs. placebo. This dose will be administered daily once at bedtime, and the company expects to enroll around 220 patients with military-associated PTSD in the twelve-week trial that will be carried out at thirty sites in the United States. Around 8 million adults have PTSD and they face unmet requirements with limited treatment options as per reports of the company.

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Is tonix pharmaceuticals a good investment?

Tonix Pharmaceuticals stock can be, a highly risky and bad one-year investment option. Your present investment may be devalued in the upcoming days. Long-term investment in this company is a bad decision.

Will tonix pharmaceuticals stock go back up to 2000 dollars?

Analysts predict that Tonix Pharmaceuticals will have a high stock estimation of $6.50, a median target of $6.50, and a low estimation of $6.00; however, it will never go back to $2000.

Why is tonix stock dropping?

Tonix stock is dropping after the company announced that It is stopping enrollment in the late-stage clinical study, which evaluates TNX-102 SL for treating fibromyalgia.

Why was tonix pharmaceuticals’ stock so high?

Tonix Pharmaceuticals stock became higher after it received a license from Curia Global for developing therapeutic humanized anti-SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibodies.

Will tonix pharmaceuticals stock go up?

Analysts predict that the Tonix pharmaceutical stock may rise above if the market turns bearish. The price forecast for 2023 is $2.17 and this price will rise to $4.49 in 2030.


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