RobotEra Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

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RobotEra Price Prediction 2025 will depend on various factors like its demand, supply, and other essential factors that can influence the demand and supply of this token. For instance, external and internal factors like regulation, web 3, actions of crypto whales, and the growth of Facebook will make this crypto explode in the market. RobotEra token is still in its pre-sale phase; therefore, it does not have a price chart. Price prediction of the RobotEra token will be witnessing a bearish scenario in 2023, and this crypto will be valued at $3.62.

If you are an investor in gaming projects and Metaverse, then there is a high chance that you have heard about the RobotEra project. It is a new entrant into the gaming industry and has successfully grabbed the attention of many holders and investors. But is RobotEra worth the hype? Before delving deep into the price prediction of this crypto let’s first understand more details about RobotEra crypto and what are its future prospects.

What Is RobotEra Crypto?

RobotEra is a popular sandbox-like ecosystem, a gaming technology that is created on a blockchain platform, smart contracts, and a P2E ecosystem. The RobotEra project is still in the first pre-sale running phase and the creator promises to provide the best and most highly impactful P2E system to gamers. In the ecosystem, gamers have a chance to earn Taro which is the native currency of RobotEra ecosystem. Players get a chance to buy as well as sell NFTs in form of lands, robot companions, and robots. Investors have a chance to trade and purchase TARO tokens in the open market.

In RobotEra ecosystem players can develop colorful and immersive virtual reality experiences within a multiverse crypto game. They get rewards, chances to resale and design, economics to build, structures to build land to own, and many other interactions to develop. Players should have robot companions who can help them to rebuild Taro. The robots may be customized, used, sold, and capital upgraded as NFTs on the open market. Staking Taro creates passive income opportunities for players that can be used for governance and voting in the decentralized autonomous organizations.

RobotEra Price Chart

If you want to know the long-term price for the RobotEra token, then follow the below table which contains the future prospect of this crypto along with its price. The last trading value of the robot was $4.52, with a market capitalization worth $969760 and a trading volume amounting to $339.16. Price prediction of RobotEra is made after analyzing its current developments, historical price action as well as a social sentiment from the crypto community.

RobotEra Price Chart 2023 to 2030

Years Price Target
2023 $0.25

RobotEra Supply and Volume

RobotEra is in its pre-sale phase; therefore, as of 2023, there are around 1,800,000,000 tokens in market circulation, and a total of 40,000,000 tokens have increased to $785000 from its main goal of $1,800,000. The creator of RobotEra is determining the prices of TARO in the presale phase. TARO is the utility token of RobotEra ecosystem and is founded on ERC 20 blockchain protocol. In the year 2023 technical analysts predict that different macroeconomic factors might affect the trading price of RobotEra. Currently, the TARO value is $0.02, which may increase to $ 0.025 when it reaches its second resale phase. The listing of RobotEra on CEX will not be happening until 2024 so the price of this crypto will be directed by Taro creators mainly.

RobotEra Market Cap

The price prediction of RobotEra in the last week accounted for $4.77.  The price has moved in the past week by – 5.4% and is currently trading at $4.52. There is a bearish sentiment now in the crypto space. The social sentiment from the crypto community in the long term about RobotEra seems to be bullish, and the price will be $239.57 next year. The circulating robot supply and the present time is $ 214449.35 with a market capitalization of $969760. There will be 3 presale phases of RobotEra. In every presale phase, there will be around 90000000 tokens available for investors to Purchase. The creators of RobotEra are in the first presale phase, so the first presale phase of this token is $0.02. As soon as the first pre-sale comes to an end the creators of the robot era will be moving toward their second presale phase, and it is estimated that by then, the token will be sold for around $0.025. The price prediction for this token in the third presale phase will be $0.030

RobotEra Price Prediction 2023

2023 is marking a highly anticipated year for the RobotEra platform. Considering its previous sales in the first pre-sale, our price prediction for RobotEra will be $0.5. If the market turns bearish, the token may hit the $ 0.45 mark.

Robotek Price Prediction 2025

RobotEra is the most innovative metaverse-based online gaming project in today’s gaming industry. Its road map to success is leading to more innovation and the introduction of new elements in gaming platforms. RobotEra Price Prediction 2025 seems quite optimistic, and our prediction says that the token might increase in value. RobotEra can even reach the $2 mark by 2025.

RobotEra Price Prediction 2030

In 2030 RobotEra will be marking seven years since its project launch. By this year the platform will be earning more than billions of users and may introduce alpha metaverse Galaxy by 2030. This year the coin may hit a milestone, and experts suggest that Taro may reach to $10 mark by this time. Although there are optimistic price predictions about RobotEra by 2030; however, if the coin gets affected by bearish factors in the market, and the average price may trickle down to $8.5 per coin.


RobotEra is a newly developed metaverse platform mainly themed around robot avatars and futuristic robots in the robot era ecosystem. The metaverse world on which this gaming platform is based is highly inhabitable. This project is similar to the sandbox, and the creators are making way for limitless possibilities in this gaming platform. For instance, users can sign up for a platform to purchase digital land, and after acquiring the property, they can complete their own and begin real estate development. The possibilities surrounding this platform are endless. Players can develop the virtual world in the Metaverse world using interactive experiences from games and virtual properties. And RobotEra provides them with a user-friendly platform for expressing their imagination and creativity.


Is RobotEra A Good Investment?

Yes, RobotEra is a good investment for investors with a great chance of getting an exponential ROI. However, investing in cryptos is incredibly volatile and speculative, so you must conduct your research.

Is RobotEra Investing a Good Idea?

Yes, investing in RobotEra is a good idea for beginner investors as the price pattern of TARO will be rising due to Facebook growth, web3, and the action of crypto whales.

What Is the Cost Of RobotEra Crypto?

The cost of robot-era crypto today is $4.61. The current market cap of robots is around $987616.


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