Lightstream Loan Reviews – Requirements, Rates, Terms, Types etc.

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What is Lightstream

Lightstream is one trustworthy online lender which offers loans at competitive rates and provides an easy application procedure to customers. The following guide will explore Lightstream loan reviews.

Is Lightstream Loan Legit?

 Lightstream is a reputable and renowned online lender which provides personal loans to customers and comes with a competitive rate structure on their loans up to $1, 00,000. The loan amount can start from $ 5000. It also has a quick approval time and an easy option for funding on the same day you apply for a loan. Lightstream provides easy buyout and auto loan refinancing options as well.  Lightstream loan is legit and you can use the personal loans for funding auto purchases, home remodeling, home improvement, residential solar energy system, medical expenses, and debt consolidation.

Lightstream Loan Requirements

 There are no specific eligibility criteria for Lightstream loans. Even though there are no particular eligibility requirements, the company looks for borrowers who have a good credit history, a good ability to save as well a stable income as well an approved payment history with different account types. Borrowers who have the best credit score of 740+ get the lowest rate of interest. To apply for a loan with Lightstream you have to visit the website and provide your identifying documents and complete the application procedure. The best thing about the Lightstream loan is that you can receive the fund on the same day you applied.

How Long Does Lightstream Take to Approve?

It takes only one business day for LightStream to approve a loan that customers apply for. Once your application gets approved by Lightstream and you accept the competitive rate offer, it will take just one business day for you to receive your loan funds. The company will send you the fund through an electronic bank transfer. The approval and the funding timeline for LightStream is one business day. It has amazing consumer-friendly features that enable borrowers to select when they want to receive the funds. The company provides personal loans at the lowest rates and no fees for borrowers who have an excellent credit history

Does Lightstream verify Income?

 Lightstream verifies the income for applicants who apply for personal loans to confirm whether the borrowers are capable to repay the amount that they have borrowed however they have not set any minimum income criteria. You have to upload your income verification documents at the time of the application process. You may also have to your proof of identity and residential documents. Following are the personal loan requirements with light stream and if you fulfill these requirements and you have a great chance to get approved quickly

  • Minimum 18 years of old to take a loan
  •  Be a permanent citizen or a U.S. citizen
  •  Have a 660 credit score or even higher
  •  Have a Social Security number

Is Lightstream Good for Personal Loans?

  Lightstream personal loans truly stand out because of their outstanding features. The company also provides low-interest rates based on the amount of loan, repayment term, purpose, and credit profile of the applicant. Borrowers can get funds at the lowest rate of interest if they have an excellent credit history. The company also provides $100  back for borrowers who are not happy or have borrowed loans for less than 30 days. Borrowers who opt for the autopay option will also receive a rate discount of a minimum 0.5% point

Lightstream Credit Score Requirements

 The credit score requirement for Lightstream applicants is a minimum of 660 which would enable them to get a personal loan. The personal loan credit score requirements of this company are in the fair to good credit range compared to other personal loan companies. If you have a credit score of a minimum of 660 then you have a fair chance to get approved for loans. However, a 660 credit score will not give you a guarantee about getting a personal Lightstream loan. You need to give proof of your steady source of income in order to get approved for personal loans. Apart from this Lightstream will also consider your existing debts, current credit inquiries, number of open credit accounts, etc. into consideration before approving a Lightstream new loan.

Lightstream Debt Consolidation Reviews

 Borrowers need not wait for long as Lightstream has a quick application process and can be approved instantly. There are no minimum fee requirements and also has a low APR which makes it a good option for debt consolidation in case borrowers have an excellent credit history.  Lightstream provides loans up to $ 1, 00,000 so you can combine a huge amount of debt into a single monthly payment


What is Lightstream Loan?

Lightstream loans refer to personal loans that can be used by borrowers for diverse purposes. Lightstream loans include wedding loans, medical, loans, hot tub loans, debt consolidation loans, adoption loans, etc. It provides loans at the lowest rate of interest and with zero fees. You can opt for a loan ranging from 2 to 12 years. You can also opt for home improvement and vehicle loans from LightStream.

Can I Use Lightstream Loan For Anything?

Lightstream provides home improvement loans, auto loans, family or recreation loans, and many other personal loans. You can use these loans for diverse ranges except for the following listed things
·         Business Expenses
·         Illegal operation
·         Buying life insurance, investment, or saving for education or requirement
·         Refinancing your already existing Lightstream room
·         Post-secondary education

Can You Have Two Loans with Lightstream?

Borrowers can have more than two loans with Lightstream. You need to meet some specific standard loan requirements set by the company to get through for Lightstream personal loan. Some of the basic requirements to get two loans with the live stream are-
·         Minimum 18 years of age
·         Stable income to repay the loan
·         Having a 660+ credit score

Is Lightstream A Good Loan Company?

Yes, Lightstream is the right online loan company that provides loans to customers at competitive rates compared to other online loan financing companies. Borrowers who are looking for quick loans at low rates of interest can go for Lightstream Loan Company.

Can You Refinance a Lightstream Loan?

You can refinance Lightstream personal loans by taking a new loan or balancing transfer credit cards from another lender. When you pay off the remaining Lightstream loan balance with lower interest and a new loan you can shift your loan to the new lender and save significant money. For a refinancing, loan from Lightstream you need to check your current credit score, get qualified, apply for the loan from the website, wait for getting approved pay off your old loan, and then repay your new loan after some months/ years.

Where Are Lightstream Loans Located?

Lightstream loans were founded in the year 2014 and are located at 25 W Hubbard Street, Chicago.


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