INDMoney VS Groww for U.S. Stocks Investment Which is Best?

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INDMoney VS Groww – Which Is the Best for U.S. Stocks Investment?

If you want to invest in the stock market then, you have to choose the right platform. Which fulfills your all investing needs. Everyone wants to succeed in the stock market throw investing so we are trying to get some insight in this article that, how to choose the right platform for investing.

Investing varies from person to person that’s we need a dynamic platform where we can invest in multiple asset classes and here we come with two market leaders in the financial industry.

In this article, we will discuss Groww vs IND money and which is better for US stock market investment.

What is Groww?

Groww was founded in 2016 by the former employees of Flipkart Llit Keshare, Harsh Jain, Niraj Singh, and Vishal Bansal.

Groww is a financial platform and broker where we can invest in multiple asset classes like Equity, Derivatives, commodity, mutual fund, currency, and USA stock, IPO (initial public offering).

Groww is more popular for mutual fund investments, where you can invest in direct mutual fund schemes and don’t have to pay any charges for it. You can redeem your mutual fund’s investment without any charges. It’s also changeless.

The most popular feature of Groww is you can invest in US stock with Groww.

Groww is designed for all kinds of investors and traders such as swing trading, intraday trader, options trader, etc.

There are no account opening charges for opening a Groww account it’s absolutely free.

What is IND Money?

IND money is a super finance application that helps you to save time to invest in the financial industry. It provides the all-in-one service in one application such as stock investing, Mutual Funds, Fixed deposits, Neobanking, etc.

IND money improves financial health and saving and earning more.

His mission is to provide stop financial solutions for his customer’s all needs.

IND money is backed by reputed foreign institutional investors such as Tiger Global, stead view capital.

There is no account opening fees for IND money and no charges for buying and selling shares.

Ashish Kashyap is the – Founder & CEO of IND money.

Products Offered By INDMoney in India?

  • US stocks

You can directly invest in US stock from India without any fees or charges. There are no remittance fees for IND money customers, unlike other platforms.

  • Financial Planning Tool

IND money provides a very crucial tool for planning financial goals and how to achieve them. They provide how to secure your future in the incoming years.

It comes with retirement planning and achieving your financial goals.

  • Mutual fund

IND money offers a wide range of mutual funds. You can invest in a direct mutual fund or choose a fund with higher returns.

  • Loans

IND money offers all kinds of loans to its customers with low-interest rates such as home loans, property loans, personal loans, etc.

  • Indian stocks

You can easily invest in Indian stocks and also apply for IPO.

  • Fixed Deposit

IND money offers different kinds of fixed Deposits with attractive interest rates ranging from 3% to 7 %. If you have a small amount such as 5000 then you also make a fixed deposit.

Products Offered By INDMoney in India.

  • Mutual fund

Grow offers a variety of mutual funds to its customers such as large-cap, small-cap, midcap and hybrid funds, ETF, etc.

  • IPO

Groww provides a fantastic platform to invest in IPOs easily and fast. You can pre-apply for IPO through grow.

  • Indian stocks

You can invest in Indian stocks using the Groww platform.

  • Future and options

Groww is a dynamic investment and trading platform. So, if you are an options trader then you should grow for a better experience of trading.

Service charges of Groww vs IND money.

There are no account opening fees or annual maintenance charges for both platform.

Remittance of funds from both accounts is also free.

Advantages of IND money.

1) IND money saves your tax on investment.

2) IND money offers loans against your investment.

3) Provide excellent tools for better financial planning.

4) IND money enables you to invest in the US stock market.

5) There is no account opening or annual fees for IND money.

Advantages of Groww.

  • Groww provides various types of mutual funds and investing strategies for its customers.
  • There are no account opening fees or annual fees for Groww.
  • Investment in the direct mutual fund.
  • Investment in us stocks.
  • Easy and simple to use.


Is Ind money safe to use?

Yes, IND money is safe for investing and trading.

What are the charges for the withdrawal of funds in Groww?

There are no charges for the withdrawal of funds in Groww.

Which is the best platform for us stocks, Groww, or IND money?

Both platforms are quite good and safe just, you need to find them as per your financial needs.


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