How to activate IMPS in Upstox?

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Generally, we see when you buy a share or place trade-in options that time you earn profit and everyone wants to take profit home that’s why we want the instant withdrawal of profit in our bank account. But when we placed an order for the withdrawal of funds during Market hours it takes a considerable time in upstox. There is a billing cycle and other processes and then the balance will calculate and your payout will be processed. But this entire process takes time more than 24 hours if you place an order during market hours.

But one can withdraw his fund instantly with upstox IMPS services within 15 minutes after placing a withdrawal order in upstox.

What are the criteria for IMPS in Upstox?

  • One can only withdraw funds after the settlement is done by the upstox.
  • You can not withdraw any unsettled profit on your trades.
  • If you have any pending withdrawal requests you can’t withdraw your fund through IMPs.
  • This service is only available for those who activated imps services in their bank account.
  • You can use this imps services on any trading day between 11 AM to 4 PM.
  • You can withdraw funds from Rs 100 to 20,0000.

While you place an instant withdrawal request in Upstox, keep the following in mind.

  1. you should place an instant withdrawal request and it will be processed via imps in the next 15 minutes after placing the order.
  2. in case of a failed transaction, you have to place a new withdrawal request for the same transaction.
  3. There is no limit for placing instant withdrawal requests in upstox.
  4. You can retry after 15 minutes when you place an order for imps in upstox.

How do you get IMPS in Upstox?

If you want to withdraw your fund through IMPs then, you have to activate imps service on your upstox account.

The used margins show you that you have used this for any open or closed position in your Demat account it should be zero.

All your position which are still open and not squared off should be exited before placing an order for imps.

How do I withdraw money from Upstox IMPS?

  1. Log in to upstox application and go to the account and click on the security wallet.
  2. Then, click on the withdraw funds.
  3. Place the withdrawal request as per your amount in your Demat account.
  4. An instant withdrawal request will be processed after 15 minutes

Via imps.

5. Once your request will process you will get a confirmation message on Mobile and e-mail.


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