HBAR (Hedera Hashgraph) Price Prediction by 2030 (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 to 2040)

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Hedera network was founded in the year 2018 by two founders- Baird and Harmon and had a team of expert working crypto professionals. 2020 has been favorable for the HBAR coin and despite its price drop in the second half of the year because of high volatility HBAR coin price gained significantly in the year 2021. On September 16, 2021, the coin witnessed a great push to $0.5701 and for the rest of the year, this token was traded in a range of $0.4516 – $0.2256. The price of HBAR tokens dropped in 2022 and was traded at only $0.08613 because of a bearish phase in the overall crypto market.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) price prediction between the year 2023 to 2030 are-

YearMax. PriceMin. Price
2023Max Price $0.15 Min Price $0.075
2024 Max Price $0.23 Min Price $0.18
2025 Max Price $0.29 Min Price $0.25
2026 Max Price $0.31 Min Price $0.27
2027 Max Price $0.38 Min Price $0.33
2028 Max Price $0.49 Min Price $0.42
2029Max Price $0.60 Min Price Grade
2030 Max Price $0.83 Min Price $0.63

The above technical analysis shows a gradual and steady rise in HBAR price tokens in the crypto market. The present price of HBAR is trading at more than 20 EMA, 50 EMA, and 200 exponential moving averages therefore there is an uptrend in the price of the HBAR token.

What is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)?

Hedera hashgraph is a leading cryptocurrency which is offering enterprise-grade and sustainable blockchain. This digital asset is performing incredibly well in recent days and many prompting investors are looking for hedera hashgraph price prediction to make an informed decision. Hedera hashgraph, also known as HBAR cryptocurrency is a leading altcoin that is enjoying a bullish trend since the year 2021. Many crypto traders are showing interest in this digital coin and with progress in blockchain technology, it is expected that Hedera price will enjoy a bullish trend.

Does hedera hashgraph have a good future?

Hedera Hashgraph has a promising future because it is a unique and new blockchain network. This public blockchain network is based mostly on patented and new technology which is different from other blockchain networks. Crypto enthusiasts also forecast that HBAR has a bright future and HBAR crypto will witness an upward trend. Hedera Hashgraph price prediction suggests that this crypto coin will explode in the upcoming future. HBAR can also be staked therefore token holders have several ways to earn. Hedera hashgraph is definitely a profitable investment however like any other cryptocurrency it is volatile in nature so its price can increase or decrease anytime.

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2023

Hedera crypto coin can be traded at an average price of $0.1125 in the year 2023. On the basis of Hedera price prediction by experts, this crypto coin can be traded at a minimum value of $ 0.0758 its maximum rating price can reach up to $ 0.15.  

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2024

Price prediction for HBAR has significant room for expansion in the year 2024. Based on the market volatility HBAR can be traded at a minimum trading price of $0.18, an average trading price of around, $0.20, and the maximum trading price can reach $0.23. HBAR prices will surpass $0.212831 soon because of numerous potential opportunities of new initiatives and partnerships.

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2025

It is predicted that Hedera Hashgraph will have a minimum $0.25 cost with a maximum value of around $0.29 for 2025. If the price prediction of Hedera continues to show an upward trend until 2025, then HBAR tokens may profit.  However, if the crypto market experiences a certain decline then this objective may not be achieved. Crypto market enthusiasts anticipate that the average trading price of HBAR can be $0.27 for the entire 2025. Price changes for Hedera tokens can be approximately 21.73%

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2026

Depending on the crypto price prediction made by crypto enthusiasts HBAR crypto, this digital asset is anticipated to have a minimum trading price of $0.27, a maximum price of $0.31, and an average value of $0.29 for 2026. According to the projection, HBAR token will be backed by smart contracts with robust features which will attract more investors. For the next five years, it is expected that the Hedera Hashgraph coin price will remain stable if it continues to increase and evoke market sentiments among investors and crypto enthusiasts

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2027

The technical analysis and extensive forecasting predict that HBAR price can reach its highest price point of $0.31, with a minimum token value of around $0.27 and an average trading price supposed to be around $0.29.

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2028

Because of optimistic future partnerships and initiatives that are expected to occur by the year 2028, it can be predicted that the average HBAR price will be around $0.455 with a minimum cost to be $0.42 and a maximum Hedera price for this year will be $0.49. Traders will also earn good profits if they continue to buy Hedera tokens at their current price.  Price change for Hedera tokens is anticipated to be around 15.15% for the year 2028.

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2029

Hedera coin price will be traded within a range of $0.522-$0.60 for 2029. The lowest value for 2029 in Hedera token price is expected to be $ 0.52 while the highest possible value can reach up to $ 0.59. Based on the technical analysis and price prediction the average trading price for Hedera tokens is around $ 0.56 and this is and this is indicating a bullish trend in Hedera price prediction.

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2030

HBAR price is expected to reach an average mark of $ 0.73 as per the Hedera price forecast for 2030. Hedera price analysis trend is anticipating that the price of these tokens can reach the highest level of $ 0.83 by December 2030.  Crypto traders also suggest a price growth of around 15.38% in the year 2030.

Hedera Hashgraph price prediction 2040

According to prediction Hedera coin can hit a maximum value of $75.61 in the year 2040. The average trading value of the Hedera coin can be around $ 64.32. Depending on the crypto market trends. The minimum price level can reach $57.45 in case of a bearish market trend. In case of a bullish market Hedera coin can surge more and hit a new ATH by 2040.


Will Hbar Reach $10?

Yes, it is predicted that Hedera hashgraph coin can reach $10 by the year 2027.

Will Hbar Reach $1000?

There is yet no evidence that states that HBAR can reach a mark of $1000. It is focusing mainly on businesses currently.  The market capital of HBAR at $1000 will be around $ 25 trillion which is quite an unrealistic figure therefore HBAR is unlikely to drive such huge token usage.

Is Hbar Crypto a Good Investment?

Hedera Hashgraph is a good investment and is one of the leading players in the present crypto space. The price of HBAR has grown significantly high and as per crypto market enthusiasts the future price of Hedera coin will eventually increase. Investors must perform their own research prior to investing in this token. While another blockchain enables users to make smartphone tracts headed a hashgraph stands out because it has a unique consensus. It is definitely profitable to invest in this token. The overall cryptocurrency market will richness a significant increase in HBAR token value.

Can You Buy Hbar on Coinbase?

Yes, you can buy Hbar on the decentralized exchange of Coinbase. It is secure, easy, and quick. In order to buy this token on Coinbase you have to first create your own Coinbase account, add a payment method and then start trading.


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