Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency Complete Guide

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Google trends are showing that the number of online searches regarding ‘how to buy pancat cryptocurrency’ is constantly increasing In the recent era. In this guide, we will explore a newly developed meme coin known as Pancat. The post will throw light on how you can buy Pancat cryptocurrency as an investor and whether it is a good investment choice for you or not. Read on for everything if you want to know how to buy Pancat tokens and whether it is the right investment choice or not.

What Is Pancat Cryptocurrency

Pancat is a newly developed blockchain-based cryptocurrency that aims to antagonize well-known dog-themed coins like Shiba Inu, and DodgeCoiblockchain-based  Pancat cryptocurrency creators are expecting to attract a strong user base and appeal to people by using a creative and entertaining tone in Pancat cryptocurrency. The creators wanted to put an end to the dominance of dog-themed tokens. Pancat cryptocurrencies are extremely cheap, and so they appeal mostly to naïve investors.

Use for Pancat Cryptocurrency

Pancat is a popular native cryptocurrency token with a Pancat token ecosystem featuring Pancat NFTs, PancatSwap, and a blockchain-based gaming protocol. Pancat coins are more transparent, robust, and secure. For purchasing Pancat tokens, only 2 seconds of block time is required. Transaction fees are also not high. PANCAT is a well-thought-out cryptocurrency project which features PANCAT gameplay and amazing future potential for widespread adoption in the future.

Complete Guide to Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency

Now that you know the basics of Pancat, let us know how to purchase Pancat cryptocurrency. The complete guide about how to buy Pancat cryptocurrencies is explained In the following steps:

  • Choose a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Binance smart chain-based tokens like Quickswap.
  •  You have to create an account in the cryptocurrency exchange that you choose and provide your personal information along with other documents in order to complete the verification process
  •  In the next step, you have to deposit funds into your crypto exchange account to buy Pancat cryptocurrency. Quickswap exchange accepts deposits in both fiat currency like EUR or USD and cryptocurrencies such as Etherium or Bitcoin
  •  After depositing the fund into your crypto exchange account you can buy Pancat tokens. For this, you have to navigate Pancat trading pair on the crypto exchange and then place an order. You can buy the tokens either using cryptocurrencies or Fiat currency.
  •  After buying Pancat cryptocurrency, you can also choose to withdraw the currency from your exchange to the wallet that supports Binance smart chain-based tokens.

Pancat Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization

The market capitalization of any cryptocurrency signifies the total value of all cryptocurrency tokens in circulation. The market capitalization of Pancat tokens as of March 2023 is approximately $50 million. Pancat crypto prices have been highly volatile since it was launched in the market. The token reached an all-time higher price in January 2022, reaching up to $0.08. Pancat issued 500 quadrillion tokens in market circulation and around fifty of the supply tokens burned to avoid price manipulation and encourage executive support by providing Pancat coins to all institutional partners who want to make Pancat a community-based protocol. The ultimate projects and mechanisms built on the Pancat ecosystem are paving the way for continuous token circulation and token burning in the Pancat ecosystem, eventually increasing the overall Pancat token worth.

How to Buy Pancat Token?

If you want to know how to buy Pancat cryptocurrency, then you need to follow the below 4 main steps

  1. Create a wallet

Creating a wallet is the first step to buying Pancat token. In case you have no idea about how to create a crypto wallet of your own, then you can go for MetaMask Wallet, which is a browser extension that enables users to connect their wallets to three- web websites like decentralized exchanges. You can also create any other crypto wallet which supports Wallet Connect to buy Pancat token

  • Fund your digital wallet

 You can fund your wallet account in two ways, either using Fiat currency or by funding it with cryptocurrency.

  •  Fund account using cryptocurrency

 If you have invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum like cryptocurrencies before then you can fund your wallet account easily using this cryptocurrencies. You need to select the crypto coin to fund your account. You can use any kind of cryptocurrency to fund your account. However, you must select the right currency to deposit into your wallet account.

  •  Funding account using Fiat currency

 In case you have not purchased any cryptocurrencies before then you can easily buy pancat cryptocurrency using Fiat cryptocurrency. For this, you have to select EUR or USD as your funding currency and then transfer the fund to your crypto exchange account from your bank account. For funding your account with Fiat currency, you need to go to Coinbase or Binance, which are the largest cryptocurrency exchange, set up an account, verify your personal financial details, transfer some cash, and then you are ready to trade

  • Connect your crypto wallet to QuickSwap

 Even if this step is simple to perform if you have not connected your crypto wallet to QuickSwap before then it will be a bit unusual or challenging for you. In this step, you have to go to your crypto exchange, choose your USDT, and then find the option for withdrawing. On clicking ‘ withdrawal’ you would be asked about a network that you want to use and where you wish to transfer the money.

 Here you need to ensure that you are selecting Polygon network on your wallet. Then you can click the ‘withdraw transfer’ option on your exchange, and the USDT appears in your crypto wallet. Now you will be ready to connect your crypto wallet to QuickSwap. Visit the site, click the connect option, then switch your MetaMask network to the Polygon network.

  • Purchase Pancat coin

Select the ‘swap tab’ and click on the default token that shows the native currency of the polygon, i.e., Matric. On clicking, you’ll see a search bar where you have to look for USDT and select it. Then paste the contract address of Pancat and on selecting the trade of pair, you are ready to purchase Pancat tokens. Enter the amount of Pancat tokens you want to buy and confirm the transaction. On completing your transaction Pancat tokens will automatically be deposited into your wallet

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What Is Pancat Base On?

Pancat is a meme-based cryptocurrency based on the Polygon blockchain platform. It combines the best sovereign blockchains and the ethereum platform into a full-fledged multi-chain system.

What Is Pancat Cryptocurrency Total Supply?

As per the official pan cat announcement, 38% of its token supply has been blocked to facilitate liquidity.


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