Breezeful Online Mortgage Broker Review 2023

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Breezeful Online Mortgage Broker Review will help you to find the best mortgage deal for your loan and credit score requirement. Purchasing a home is a cherished dream for many Canadians, and millions today rely on mortgage lenders to fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner. However, this dream can become a long-lasting nightmare if you get the wrong dealer. Although good brokers might help you in this process, they will complicate and prolong it.

Fortunately, we are living in the Internet era where trustworthy online mortgage brokers such as Breezeful are available to help you find the best possible mortgage deal efficiently and quickly. The following guide will throw light on Breezeful Review to find out a suitable online broker to make your mortgage shopping much easier and more convenient for you.

Breezeful Online Mortgage Broker Review

Total number of brokers 30+
Fees charged None
Mortgage products •New mortgage
•Pre approval
•Home equity lines of credit
• Private mortgages
•Second mortgages
•Rent to own
•Mortgage renewal
Application requirements -Proof of income
-Government issued photo
-Credit report
– Financial information
Rate of interest Based on mortgage lender

What is Breezeful?

Breezeful is a reliable and secure online mortgage broker that helps to compare different rates of a mortgage in Canada. Breezeful being an efficient digital mortgage broker, combines both the knowledge and experience of different industry experts as well as modern technology to find suitable solutions for Canadian customers. It is not only a comparison and search engine tool but an ideal online broker that will help you every step of the way. Breezeful has an easy-to-use portal that enables customers to apply and track their mortgage application process seamlessly.

The company works with around 30 well-reputed and renowned lenders in Canada. You need not suffer your credit history because Breezeful will conduct an easy single credit check. It provides helpful and powerful services for people looking for an easy mortgage. If you are investing in rental properties, planning to purchase your first home, refinancing your mortgage, or trying to get a second mortgage deal, Breezeful’s full service will be a perfect choice. The company eliminates the requirement of conducting in-depth research, communicating with multiple lenders, and making a breezy and seamless mortgage process for you.

Breezeful mortgage rates

In Canada, mortgage rates change very frequently, so you can find mortgage deals at lowest rate of interest by choosing an efficient mode to dictate broker like Breezeful. The company offers both variable and fixed mortgage rates from the best-known Canadian mortgage lenders and also wholesale lenders. Customers can get mortgages at absolutely lowest rate of interest with the assistance of Brazil fool. The exact interest rate figure depends on the mortgage product and the lender you borrow from.

List of Breezeful Products

 All Breezeful mortgage products typically boil down to mortgage loans; however, choosing the right mortgage product according to your requirement will help you to connect to the best possible mortgage lender. Following are the Breezeful mortgage products that you can choose from

  • Mortgage pre-approval

 The platform will help you to get free approval mortgage deals from the best possible mortgage lender based on your current financial situation. You can choose from more than 30 mortgage lenders within a single credit check process. Property sellers take those buyers seriously who opt for pre- approval and also gives buyers a realistic picture of their buying capacity.

  • Mortgage Refinance:

Breezeful helps customers in figuring out if refinancing in order to secure a better mortgage rate is worth the additional cost or not. Mortgage refinancing rate changes on market situation.

  • Mortgage Renewal:

It is important to renew your home with different or same mortgage lender if you cannot make payment for your property within the stipulated period.

  • Rent-to-Own:

In case you’re an unstable source of income or inability to make 20% of the down payment, preventing you to secure a reasonable mortgage interest rate, then you can choose rent to own option. It is a suitable choice for people having an unconventional source of income

  • Second Mortgage:

Breezeful provides a second mortgage for debt consolidation, home improvement, or capitalizing on investment opportunities.

  • Private Mortgage:

Private mortgage loans become necessary for Borrowers who fail to qualify for a conventional mortgage loan.  A private mortgage loan, however, has a high-interest rate

Breezeful Mortgage Benefits

There are a plethora of things that set Breezeful to stand apart from other traditional mortgage brokers who do not leverage modern technology, unlike Breezeful. The prime advantages and features are as follows –

  1. Comprehensive website

 Breezeful website comes with an easy-to-navigate option.  All Breezeful products, along with its helpful resources, at easy to find. You will find many details and information on its website highlighting how Breezeful is helping customers. The main landing web page of its website is what sets it apart from others

  1. Easy and fast process

 Breezeful is an online mortgage lender which provides an easy and quick mortgage deal. They would help if you answer some questions about the mortgage application and details about your personal and financial situation to secure a deal. You will get the best rate of interest on your mortgage deal that is available in fixed and variable rates of interest within a few minutes.

  1. A dedicated and reliable mortgage expert

 Breezeful is an expert mortgage expert who will help you secure the best mortgage deal, and you need not shop around or negotiate on your own. The expert advisors of Breezeful will enable you to send a text if you have any doubts or queries.

  1. Decent lenders

 Breezeful is an infant company that started with a decent range of around 30 mortgage lenders. There are high chances of growing the list of lenders, and this will enable users to access a comprehensive range of mortgage products and lenders.

  1. Unbiased

 Breezeful is a mortgage broker which connects and provides mortgage rates from different lenders unbiasedly. This separates them from other companies, which are only connected to specific lenders.

  1. It is free

 You need not pay any money to Breezeful during the whole mortgaging process. Being a broker Breezeful gets paid by mortgage lenders who bring customers for them. They have a fair system of operation which has won the trust of both customers and lenders.

  1. Provides mortgage to everyone

 Breezeful provides comprehensive mortgage solutions to anyone, regardless of background and financial situation. Especially a person with poor credit history, immigrants denied by banking institutions or self-employed individuals who can secure the best mortgage deal from Breezeful.

Breezeful customer reviews

Breezeful has positive customer reviews, and each feature and mortgage product has scored five stars. Breezeful experts help you to navigate the overall process of choosing, applying and getting approval for mortgage loans. Customers can also get instant mortgage rates on both fixed and variable rates based on the information that they have entered.

It enjoys the trust and loyalty of customers because it provides a decent range of different mortgage products and unique and best possible mortgage solution according to their needs. All of its 29 Google business reviews have achieved positive ratings. It has earned a high reputation in the market for providing good quality service despite being a new company. Value, responsiveness, and professionalism are highlights of their customer service. The timelines factor and knowledge of mortgage expert in Breezeful have been greatly appreciated by customers.

Breezeful Multiple lender options

Breezeful has a list of more than 30 renowned lenders, Including big and private banks. Some of its mortgage partners have reputable and top household names, for instance, credit union, Manulife, TD bank, EQ bank, DUCA, and Scotia bank. It also partners with less-known and smaller lenders to provide a wide range and comprehensive mortgage options to Customers.


Hunting for a mortgage can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Choosing an appropriate mortgage product will prevent you from paying high rates of interest at the last moment. Moreover, if you do your research about mortgage hunting and you have to spend a lot of time and effort, that will probably trigger hard credit checks. With the help of Breezeful, you can eliminate all these common problems and get an easy and fast mortgage assessment quickly with just one single credit check. You will get the help of a mortgage expert to secure the best mortgage deal


Is Breezeful’s good online mortgage broker?

Breezeful mortgage reviews given by customers make it a good company. It does not earn money from borrowers but from lenders. Breezeful has a good market reputation

What is Breezeful’s Revenue?

Breezeful’s revenue currently is less than or equal to $5 million.

What does Breezeful do?

Breezeful is a digital mortgage broker that helps borrowers to get mortgage loans, especially the ones who have been denied by banks or have low credit profiles.

Is Breezeful a public company?

Breezeful is not a public company rather it is a private company and so it does not have an official ticker symbol or sign presently.


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