BHP Share Price Prediction 2030 (2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2030

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BHP is one of the leading producers of several commodities like nickel, iron ore, copper as well as metallurgical coal. It was listed in UK and Australia in 2001 after its merger with Billiton. The following guide will tell about BHP share price forecast so that investors can examine the recent results of the company and know what analysts are predicting about BHP’s future prices:

Highest/ Lowest/Average prices of Bhp shares from 2024-2030

2024- BHP share price can hit the highest price of $38.41.  The average price in 2024 is expected to be $35.83 and the minimum price is approximately $34.05.             

2025- Analysts predict the highest price for this year is supposed to be $48.53, while the lowest price is around $34.04, with an average price of $40.13 per share.

2026- As per market enthusiasts, the highest share price for BHP share this year is supposed to be $49.58, during the lowest price can be around $ 41.08, and the average price be $ 45.41

2027 – In the year 2027, it is expected that the BHP share price can go highest to the range of $40. While the lowest price can be $37.56, and the average price is reckoned to be $38.7     

2028 – The highest share price this year is predicted to hit $66.87, while the lowest price can be $61.76, and the average price can be $55.74

2029- The highest share price is supposed to be  $74.9, while the lowest price can be $61.76, and the average price is predicted to be $66.45     

2030- In the year 2030, it is expected that BHP share price can hit $94.73  while the lowest price can be $76.81, and the average price can be $87.15

Bhp Share Price Prediction 2024

The price prediction of BHP shares of 2024 shows a + 3.16% increase compared to the last year’s share price of $66.44. The forecasted BHP share price in the initial months of 2024 will be in the range of $55.09 to $ 61.25. The monthly dynamics of the BHP group share forecast for the initial months are also expected to be positive. By December 2024 the predicted average BHP share price will be around $73.93 with a volatility of 10.56% can be expected.

Bhp Share Price Prediction 2025

The estimated BHP share price for 2025 in the first six months will be in the range of $71.60 to $98.74. Analysts predict positive monthly dynamics in the share price that ranges between 14%-19%. By the end of 2025, it is predicted that BHP group share price can hit an average rise of $68.09 with a volatility rate of 13.135%. The pessimistic forecast for December 2025 is 63.49 while the optimistic forecast for December 2025 is 73.09

Bhp Share Price Prediction 2026

The average share forecast for the BHP group in the year 2026 is around 45.55% with the highest price to hit at $49.75. analysts predicted a low forecast for BHP share price in 2026 can be 41.26. This average share forecast of the HP group in 2026 shows a decrease of – 5.76% from the previous price

Bhp Share Price Prediction 2027

BHP’s share price forecast for the first six months of 2027 will be in the range of $ 40.37 to $ 37.91 and by the end of 2027 the share price can increase to $40.81 with a change of around 2.13% in the share price. 

Bhp Share Price Prediction 2028

The average price forecast of BHP for 2028 is around $57.18, with a low price forecast of $42.13 and the highest forecast of around $68.8. About 18.38% price will rise in BHP share price in 2028 as per projection.

Bhp Share Price Prediction 2029

BHP’s share price is expected to be at a range of $63.68 to 66.38% in the first six months of 2029 and by the end of the year, the price is expected to hit $75.10.

Bhp Share Price Prediction 2030

Analysts predict the price target of BHP shares for the year 2030 will be in the range of $76.88 to $86.48 in the first few months and by December 2030 the price will hit $93.29 with a change in the share price of about 0.40%


BHP shares can be a good investment choice, and the price for the cast analysts give shows an upward trend. BHP’s share price has gone higher over few months. It also has got a higher dividend yield and because of China’s reopening BHP shares can benefit more. BHP shares are widely held shares on ASX share analysts. The market capitalization of  BHP shares is around $ 235 billion, per the ASX report.


Should I Buy Bhp Shares Now?

When investing in a resource business, the common phrase “ buy low and sell high” is relevant. It seems easy to purchase shares when the price of commodities is constantly roaring and is expected to earn a strong profit. However, resource prices do not always stay strong.  Demand and supply can vary significantly. According to experts, it makes no sense to purchase BHP shares now, although the company’s dividend income will be high in 2023. The best time for buying BHP shares is when the outlook is quite pessimistic and things are looking bleak.

How Many Woodside Shares for Bhp?

BHP is expected to receive around 914.8 million newly issued shares of Woodside after the completion of the merger. Eligible BHP shareholders will get one newly issued Woodside share for their BHP 5.5340 shares. It is also said that the company will provide in a special dividend of Woodside shares to eligible BHP shareholders. The shareholders received this dividend on 1st June 2020, and after the completion of the merger Woodside will pay $ 830,000,000 to BHP in tons of cash dividends that Woodside pays to BHP.

How Many Woodside Shares for Bhp Shareholders?

BHP has decided to pay in specie dividends to BHP shareholders in the form of Woodside petroleum limited shares due to the merger of BHP’s gas and oil portfolio with Woodside. BHP will get 914,768,948 Woodside shares as a part of the merger. Eligible shareholders of BHP got one new Woodside share for each 5.5340 BHP shares on 26 May 2022, which is the closing of the business. BHP American depository shareholders will receive Woodside ADS for every 2.7670 BHP ADS they hold until the record date. Eligible BHP shareholders will receive this dividend in Woodside share form if they have an address mentioned on the BHP register in any of the below-mentioned jurisdictions- United States, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, Canada, France, Italy from Ireland etc.

Are Bhp Shares a Good Buy Now?

BHP share prices have been doing well over the past few months since China started ending the COVID-19 lockdown. Because of the rapid investor sentiment about the Asian economic giant, the mining giant is gaining a huge advantage, so over three months, BHP’s share price has increased by 24%. The return of Chinese economic capacity would mean more demand for commodities that BHP produces such as copper, coal, nickel, and iron ore. High resource prices would mean the BHP shares will profit and pay higher dividends. The right time for investment in BHP shares is when BHP prices are languishing and investors are not much optimistic about the company’s price.

What will happen To My Bhp Shares?

You can take the assistance of a broker to sell your share and make sure the broker is licensed and can trade on the market listed below. BHP group limited does not facilitate direct share transactions. It has a standard listing on
·        London Stock Exchange or LSE in the UK,
·       Australian Securities Exchange or ASX in Australia
·   JSE or Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa.

How Much a Are Bhp Shares Worth?

The Worth and fundamentals of BHP shares as of February 2023 are as follows
1.      $245.49 billion worth of Market Cap
2.      8.42 is the P/E Ratio
3.      9.63%  is the dividend yield
4.      11.87% is the Earnings Yield
5.      100% Franking
6.      4.63 is the per-share dividend
7.      5.46% is the year-to-date return
8.      5.06 billion- shares outstanding
9.      earnings per share nearly 3.992
10.   $48.30 is the total share price


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