ASXC Stock Forecast 2023, 2025 to 2030

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Do you want to invest in Asensus surgical stock? The following guide will cover ASXC stock price predictions that are prepared after thorough research and analysis by technical analysts and market enthusiasts. If you want to know whether investing in Asensus surgical stock will be a profitable choice or not then read the following article

ASXC stock is a profitable investment option for investors and traders and it is expected to give +19.97% revenue for a five-year investment term. For instance, if you invest $100 today in ASXC stock, it will likely provide you with a return of $119.97 in 2028.

Asensus surgical stock prediction between the year 2023 to 2030 is in the below chart

Year Price Target
2023 $67.58
2024 $49.05
2025 $43.92
2026 $39.29
2027 $38.29
2028 $38.5
2029 $36.77
2030 $40.13

What is Asensus Surgical Inc?

Asensus Surgical Inc. is a medical equipment company that has digitized the interface between patients and surgeons for improving minimally invasive surgery via digital laparoscopy. The company boosts modern and advanced technological capabilities like connectivity commitment intelligence and robotics in the field of digital laparoscopy. It seeks to resolve the present cognitive, economic, and clinical drawbacks of surgery. The single segment of the company comprises research, development, and sale of medical equipment and robotics to improve and advance minimally invasive surgery. The primary objective of this company is to offer the benefits and advantages of using modern digital laparoscopy to needy patients anywhere across the globe. In this guide, we have given asxc stock price prediction after careful technical analysis and by evaluating the past performance and prospects of this company.

Asensus Surgical Revenue

For the 3 months ended Dec 31, 2022, ASX reported $2.5 million in revenue.

In the first four months of 2022, Asensus Surgical Revenue accounted for the following –

  • $2.4 million in terms of lease revenue
  • $1.3 million in terms of system revenue
  • $0.5 million in terms of accessories and medical instrument
  • $0.3 in terms of services returned revenue

The operating expenses of the company as of December 31, 2022, account for $ 18.3 million while the total operating expenses for the three months ended December 31, 2021, accounted for $ 15.9 million. The company’s net loss as of December 31, 2022, accounts for $17.9 million compared to a loss of $ 15.9 million for the 3 months ended December 31, 2021.

Market analysts predict that the company will be gaining a tremendous recovery in its stock price in the years ahead. Some technical analysts forecast that the company’s annual growth rate will be 21.6% in the robotic surgical industry and its growth rate will increase to $14 billion by the year 2028. As long as healthcare professionals and surgeons are seeing the utility of using the technology of the company there will be a solid growth of Asxc stock according to Asensus surgical stock prediction given by analysts.

Asxc Stock Price Target

Technical analysts predict that the Asensus surgical stock price will have a high stock value of $4 while the lowest estimate accounts for $1.50. The median ASXC stock forecast is $2.75. This median estimation represents a difference of 23.27% from the last year’s stock price of $0.64. The company is trying to expand its stock market in the surgical robotics sector so that it can gain 40 fold hike in company revenue by 2028. The company’s revenue declined by 63% to a figure of $3.2 million in 2020 from $ 8.5 million in revenue in the year 2019 due to of COVID pandemic. The price target of Asxc stock, on average, accounts for

  • $59.06 in 2023
  • $45.96 in 2024
  • $41.42 in 2025
  • $38.23 in 2026
  • $37.91 in 2027
  • $38.19 In 2028
  • $35.75 in,2029
  • $38.75 in 2030

ASXC Stock Forecast 2023

According to our prediction for ASXC Stock 2023, the average trading price is expected to be $59.06., However, in bearish market conditions, the lowest trading price of the ASXC stock forecast is, assumed to be $50.37. In case of a good economic situation, ASXC limited stock can hit the maximum trading price of $ 67.58. This average forecast of ASXC limited stock 2023 constitutes a decreased of11.67%  in the price of the stock compared to last year’s stock price. It is forecasted that the price target between April to August will be in the range of $ 67.58 to $58.86.  In the next few months, from September to December Asensus surgical stock forecast will trade between $ 56.19 to $ 50.37.

ASXC Stock Forecast 2025

According to technical analysts, the average Asensus surgical stock forecast is $41.42. In the case of a bearish market, the lowest stock forecast is estimated to be around $39.5. In case of a good economic situation price of ASX limited stock rise to $43.92 in the year 2025.  According to our prediction, ASXC stock target will be $43.92 to $41.42 in the first six months. From July to November, the price will vary between $41. 42- $39.71. By December 2025   ASXC limited stock price is predicted to be around $39.50.

Asxc Stock Forecast 2030

Market analysts and platforms have predicted the maximum trading price of Asxc stock in 2030 to be $40.13. The average trading price of Asxc stock this year will be nearly $38.75. The lowest price prediction is estimated to be $37.12. This average price forecast of ASX stock in 2030 represents a decrease of – 42.06% in the stock value compared to last year’s price. Asxc’s stock price target in the first quarter will be in the range of $37.12- $38.33. In the next quarter, the price target will vary between $38.56-$39.05. By December 2030 the price target of Asxc limited stock will reach $40.13.

Asensus Surgical Inc Investor Relations

Asensus Surgical Inc. hosted Investor day, on Feb 21, 2023, announcing its new intelligent surgical unit capabilities and the evolution agreement with KARL STORZ and Google cloud collaboration. The company announced its intention in Feb 2023 about collaborating with KARL STORZ to manufacture the next Gen instrumentation and even expressed its agreement when KARL STORZ intended to sell the intelligent surgical unit of the company as a standalone medical device. The company announced a collaboration with Google Cloud in Feb 2023 to expand further the potentialities and capabilities of the products In the field of performance-guided surgery framework through ISU.


Whether you want to invest in Asxc stock or not will depend entirely on your risk tolerance, resource allocation, and individual goals. Our Asensus surgical stock prediction will help you to make an informed decision about whether this company will be the best choice for investment or not. Asensus Surgical Inc. produces viable products such as the Senhance laparoscopic system, a revolutionary and modern tool aiming to enhance the process of elective surgery procedures.

The future prospect of this company looks bullish according to investors and market analysts. The company, after noticing its future potential and prospects, changed its name to TransEnterix from Asensus Surgical Inc. This is an effective strategy to emphasize mainly digital surgery. As robot-assisted surgeries are adopted in increased numbers, the demand for surgical intervention based on robotic systems will gain momentum and this will increase the future prospects of the company and recovery of Asxc stock price target.


Is Asensus Surgical A Good Stock To Buy?

Yes, Asxc has received a consensus rating of buy, according to analysts. It has received a Value grade of D, a momentum grade of A, and a growth grade of D, as per the AAII report.

Why Is Asxc Stock Dropping?

Asensus Surgical stock has dropped tremendously after the company offered a 2022 year-end corporate update. It is also facing intense competition from market players.

Will Asxc Stock Go Up

Asxc stock is predicted to increase as the company’s platform includes AI and machine learning. So analysts predict a bullish stock trend in the future.

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