AITX Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

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Looking forward to knowing about AITX Stock Forecast between 2023 to 2030? The following guide will
help you understand the performance and future prospects of AITX Stock. AITX stock performance is
now showing a downtrend, and its value has dropped by 99% from its all-time highest value. The
stock value has dropped by 54% in the year 2022. With artificial intelligence-based assets gaining
momentum recently, can this company recover its stock value in 2023? The market capitalization of
AITX stock as of 7th February had been $66.1 million, which puts the firm in the twenty-seventh
percentile of firms within the integrated hardware and software sector.

YearPrice Target

Price prediction of the AITX stock is made after considering several factors like price changes, the performance of similar stocks, market cycles, and volume changes. The current price of AITX stock as of March 9th, 2023 is $0.0072. This stock value represents a 35.14% change in stock price compared to the last month’s stock price. AITX stock has been pumped in the last 24 hours by +1.41%. The future stock prediction of artificial intelligence stock is at $0.000418, which means that if you invest $100 now in this stock, your current investment will account for $5.81 as of March 9th, 2024.

What is Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc?

Artificial intelligence technology solutions, or AITX, was founded by John B Crawford on 25th March 2010. It is engaged in offering suitable AI solutions to firms. The main product of the company is ROAMEO( security robots). It is a leading AI hardware solution provider. It boosts different subsidiaries such as Robotic Assistance Devices, Robotic Assistance Device Model, Robotic Assistance Device Group, OMV Transports, And On The Move Experience. It is involved in integrated Security, concierge, operation, and automation task. It manufactures different products that are used for maintaining stationary workflow automation solutions.

Price target ITX Stock between 2023 to 2030

According to many platforms and technical analysts, AITX stock price has been showing a strong downward trend for the past year because of a bearish market situation. However, with the increasing rise of AI projects such as ChatGPT, AITX stock can recover and show up positive trend in the upcoming days. It must be noted that there isn’t any consensus on AITX’s future stock predictions since it is a small stock being traded at a fraction of cost, and future forecasts of this stock, in the long run, may comprise large swings in its price value.

AITX Stock Forecast 2023

In the initial months of 2023, the overall price of AITX stock has been $0.0057 but soon, the price value of AITX shares increased by a margin of 80.7%, and now this stock is trading at nearly $0.0103. A hot topic over a few months has been AI-based asset investment with the introduction of a powerful AI-based tool named ChatGPT. According to our expert AITX stock prediction 2023, it can be estimated that by December 2023 AITX stock price target can reach nearly $0.03.

AITX Stock Predictions 2024

The average price forecast of AITX in the year 2024 is nearly $0.0125, with the lowest trading price predicted to be $0.00142. In case of a good economic situation and a rise in ATX stock price, the maximum trading price can reach $0.0131 in 2024. According to the average price prediction of AITX stock in 2024 given by analysts, the statistics contribute an increase of +73.12% rise in stock value from the last year’s stock value. AITX’s price target for the first six months will be in the range of $0.003552 -$0.00822. By December 2024, the price target may reach a price target of $0.0122

AITX Stock Price Prediction 2025

Based on technical analysis and prediction given by market analysts and other experts, it can be estimated that in 2025 AITX stock price will reach above the price of $0.1. The average growth of AITX stock between 2023 and 2025 will be around 41%. Experts predict that AITX stock price will be growing at a much more stable rate between 2023 to be 2025.

Some experts also predict that AITX stock price 2025 will be trading at the maximum value of $0.5 to $1.00 this year. According to our prediction, AITX price forecast for 2023 will represent a +193.35%  rise in the price of the stock compared to the past year’s price. The average price prediction is $0.0211, while the lowest forecast in a worse economic situation is $0.0079. The maximum trading price of AITX stock in 2025 will be $0.0236. AITX price prediction from January to June 2025 will be in the range of $0.0125-$0.0161. By Dec 2025, the price target will be $0.0203.

AITX Stock Forecast 2026

As per our technical analysis, the AITX price forecast in the year 2026 will reach its maximum price level of $0.0341, while the lowest price forecast for this stock is predicted to be $0.0144. The average price forecast of AITX stock is nearly $0.020. This average price prediction of AITX stock represents an increase of+188.14% in the stock price from the last stock price of $0.0072. AITX’s stock price target in the first quarter is forecasted to be between $0.0196-$0.027. In the next quarter, the price target will vary between $0.0251-$ 0.0218. By the end of 2026, the price target of the AITX stock will be nearly $0.0272.

AITX Stock Price Prediction 2027

The average AITX price forecast for the year 2027 given by market enthusiasts and technical analysts will reach $0.0269, while the highest forecast at which this stock will be trading is $0.0446. In a bearish market trend, AITX will reach its lowest trading price of $0.0209. According to our average price prediction of AITX stock for 2027, an increase of +273.47% in AITX price will be noticed from its past year’s price. AITX stock price from January to June 2027 will vary between $ 0.022 to -$ 0.029. From July to November, the price will vary between $0.0446- $0.0359. By December 2027, AITX Stock will reach its price target of $0.0263.

AITX Stock Price Prediction 2030

Technical analysts predict that by 2030 AITX stock price will cross the mark of $1, and its trading price will vary between $5-$10. However, it is a conservative forecast and if the market turns bullish and more AI-based technologies arrive in the market then AITX stock price will reach higher and may exceed $20 in 2030.  Market analysts predict that AITX stock will be trading at an average price of $0.0669 in 2030. The highest forecast for AITX stock is $0.083. In the case of a bearish market, the lowest trading price can reach to $0,.0423whether. This average price prediction of AITX stock constitutes a +828.48% increase in the stock value compared to the last year’s stock price. The price target of AITX stock in the first quarter will be $0.061 to $0.0761. In the second quarter, the price will vary between $0.0748-$ 0.0594. By December 2030, the price target will be $0.0715.


Robotics and artificial intelligence are two popular sectors of the market enthusiasts and investors to look for future opportunities. AITX’s stock price in the future is driven by different factors, like the potentialities of AI growth which can increase its stock price, and whether the company can snap up its competitors and provide a wide range of technological products to increase its share price.


Why Was AITX Stock So High?

The ongoing inflows of organizations and cryptocurrencies having AI components led to rising in AITX price stock. As its name began with AI, investors started rushing to it. Powerful forward guidance that the company has issued also led to the rise in the price of AITX stock.

Why Is AITX Stock Dropping?

The company is investing in its AI growth and is suffering a great loss. The stock is too small to grab the attention of good investors. It is a highly speculative company, and the online hype makes it difficult for analysts to predict the long-term AITX Stock price

Is AITX Stock A Good Buy?

The future stock prediction shows rapid growth in AITX’s price. It is a good long term long-term choice for investors. AITX stock in the past has shown great volatility. However, the prices will rise to 94%.

Will AITX Stock Recover?

Crypto analysts are holding negative speculation about AITX stock, and according to the prediction, the recent trend is strongly bullish. The company is facing selling pressure, which indicates a risk of bearish movement in the future.

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